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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Word on the Bun in your Oven

"This pregnancy is soooo different from my last one!" I have heard mother after mother exclaim.  And then I learned the truth about why that is. 

Its pretty simple: You're carrying a different child!  Of course we would think it has to do with us and that pregnancy, is like an outfit you put on for nine months and each time you wear it, it tends to look the same on you.  Not so.

Artwork Shannon Page
Each pregnancy, (like each person) is different.  Now you may have similar pregnancies- but again, that may have more to do with your children than you.

When you are pregnant, if you are a healthy carrier of your baby you will probably take on quite a bit of that child's energy and even behave like your child-to-be.  What?  You're probably thinking that explains your obsession with pickles.  No, I think that is hormones.  What I'm talking about is much deeper.

I witnessed this first hand when one of my closest friends was pregnant with her first son.  Sera has always been very much of a free spirit type of a person.  As a Scorpio, she is very emotional (watery) and tends to go wherever her emotions take her.  She's not a big planner and if you do set up a time to get together with her, there's a better than fifty-percent chance that arrangement will get changed by her.  Since I know this about her, I have grown to have different expectations for our friendship and scheduling times to meet.

When Sera was pregnant for the first time with Sam, many of these qualities shifted.   She was thrilled with the pregnancy and even more so because she took on a new energy that shifted her behavior.  She became very task-oriented and enjoyed making lists.   "This is what its like to get things done!" she exclaimed.   That way of being was very foreign to her.  

During this period of time we would meet weekly to go walking at a nearby park.   Normally I would not have expected her to make our dates very often for this but in fact she always showed up!  We talked a lot about how different she felt and how many introspective activities like reading and music, that she usually enjoyed had been put on the backburner.  She had little to no interest in them.  Then, as the pregnancy began to wind down, Sera began to return to herself, growing weary of the behaviors she had taken on.   And soon after, a healthy little Gemini boy was born.  As he grew she would learn how energetic and inquisitive he was, always exploring new things and very much into routines!

During my own pregnancy I became very attracted to music, found myself singing quite a bit and was generally a bit more content than my normal self.   My daughter, as it turns out, has been quite musical from the get go and has an amazingly upbeat disposition!

Another of my friends loved intense exercise and weight lifting when she was pregnant.  Her child turned out to be quite strong, doesn't need much sleep and also has a strong will!

Whether you are newly pregnant, or had your babies long ago perhaps this will shed some light on what actually happens when you give part of your body to another being for a time.  Even if you've never been pregnant or are male, can you imagine what it was like for your mother to carry you?  How would your energy have affected her?  If she's still around, ask her.  I'm sure she'll remember!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Magicians

You won't need a dime
to see a show
they are all around you
don't you know?

One part them
and two parts you
they wave a wand
and we go "oooh"

Lulled half to sleep by
things put in
And mesmerized by
people's sins

Watch the left hand--
--no, the right!
'Cause over there
is quite a fright

Listen closely, see the truth
though it will make you ill
It will also set you free
Help end this evil spell


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crossing Over

If there is anyone who has their Head in Heaven, Feet on Earth, its people who have had a Near Death Experience.  "Experiencers," as they are called are people that have literally crossed over and then returned to their body to continue living.

This past weekend I attended the International Association for Near Death Studies Conference (IANDS).  It was filled with Experiencers and non-experiencers (like me!) alike.  Keynote speakers such as Dr. Eben Alexander have written books, appeared on Oprah and are becoming rock stars in the NDE world.  Those people who can command a large audience indeed have fascinating stories to tell.   Whether they have written a book or not, there were plenty of people I met who had crossed over and their experience big or small changed them in some profound way.

What's it like to be at a conference like this? I can say that it is unlike anything I have ever attended.  It is at once awe-inspiring, terribly sad (lots of tears!), and at the same time very healing.  Encountering those who've crossed over is to meet with a different type of energy.  I believe those people are still a little bit in that other realm.  They will always have that connection but unlike the rest of us, they are completely conscious of it.  They KNOW who they are and where they came from.  For so many of us who live in doubt this is hard to imagine. What you can imagine is how that would change your energy.  How you would live differently. 

I met a woman in her sixties that drowned as a child.  She remembers encountering a beautiful angel that told her everything would be fine.  Another woman shared that she was knocked unconscious by an intruder in her home.  It was only later on that she realized she had had a NDE which led to the recall of two more experiences.  Many experiencers have had more than one NDE or NDE type of experience and there are many people that are experiencers that are completely unaware that they've ever had an experience.

One of the most unusual stories was Julie's.  Julie is not an experiencer but as a nurse has encountered many who are and attended several conferences.   While at the conference this year, she had a healing that was being offered.   During that session the healer found a block in her 5th chakra (throat) and understood that it was because her sister had actually killed her by cutting off her air supply when she was just a baby!  Her sister was just a child herself, a toddler, and yes it was intentional.  Upon receiving this knowledge it jogged a deeply held memory of Julie leaving her body. It also affirmed many things Julie already knew and explained many of her gifts and abilities that she had grown up with.  Leaving the conference with this knowledge she was told: "You're journey is just beginning."

Many of the non-experiencers were there seeking hope.  We've all lost loved ones and if there is anyone that can shine light onto the darkness of that grief it is people that have gone beyond and can tell us what it's like there. 

After hearing so many stories, there was a part of me that wished I could have that experience (or wish it for someone else!) but the other part of me does not.  For so many experiencers, the journey back from Heaven has been nothing short of Hell.  Many, like Jeff Olsen, returned to bodies in deplorable condition and had to rebuild themselves.  Many survived but those they were with did not.  Many times, as Dr. Mary Neal said, their experience was followed with severe depression as they grieved their own loss of heaven and returning to earth because their work here was not complete.  Like anything, its not for everyone. 

Me and Anita
The one thing I heard repeatedly, over and over again is that we are not alone, we are in fact all a part of the One Consciousness.  There is nothing random about any of our lives.  Just as our own families and children are special to us, so are we to God.   Everything is occurring according to a much greater divine plan and the solution to all of our darkness--which is mostly fear--is love, especially self-love.

I will end with something Keynote Anita Moorjani said.  "You're only purpose in life is to BE YOURSELF and you can't go wrong."  According to her, when you or I talk about trying to be so positive this means at the core we think we are negative.   She suggests trusting you are positive at your core and work on being Yourself.  Find out who you are and Love yourself unconditionally.