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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Once Upon A Time .  .  .

There was a little girl who wrote a lot in her diary.

And then she wrote because she had to, because her teachers told her to.  And she wrote about stuff that they assigned her to write about.  Some of it was boring, some of it was so-so, and once in a great while it was interesting, like the time she got to write about witches.  But it was almost never fun.

And she wrote in her journals some more.  And then she did morning pages sometimes.

And along came blogs.  A lot of people had them and they liked to write on them but not her.  No way, she was not doing that.  Yet.

Fast forward through time and I am right here where I didn't think I would be, writing in a big fishbowl.  It seems daunting and only a tiny bit of a good idea but the pressure from the universe has won. 

I am not sure about much in this endeavor, only that it feels like the right time and I have some very supportive people in my corner.   It may be a hodge-podge of subjects here for a bit but I am confident a focus or two will shake out after some time.

Welcome to my adventure!