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About Me

Since the time I was a little girl sitting in Catholic Catechism class learning about sins and Samaritans I must have began asking questions about this life here and what its all about.  I've never been able to stop seeking answers.

My quest for information has led me to people and places and put me on a path that grows ever more interesting and illuminating.  I never pursued anything that involved climbing a ladder in one direction.  Instead it has been a winding, even jagged road.  Many times I have asked myself "where am I going?!"

Along the way, I've read a lot, taken any manner of personal development courses and workshops, traveled, moved and  studied with spiritual groups.  Of those, one of the healing modalities that I discovered was Aura-Soma: A self selective color- care system that facilitates healing and personal growth.  This resonated strongly with my love of color and after experiencing positive outcomes from it,  I became a trained Level 3 practitioner.  

My college degrees in Communication and Writing, and a background in design, have come in handy in one form or another but not in the way I anticipated.  Early on, I got married to someone I knew shared my spiritual interests and seeking tendencies and at long last became a mother--which has made my path lovelier and more meaningful than ever.

After so much time as a full-fledged seeker I figured it was time to start using my own voice.  Head in Heaven Feet on Earth is about bringing the light and energy of heaven to earth, integrating them much like the Aura-Soma equilibrium bottle of the same name.  Its about what is happening right now during this great shift and where we are headed.

Many Blessings
~ Catherine

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  1. I am so blessed to know you. Thank YOU!!!! Thank YOU!!! Thank YOU!!! for shining YOUR LIGHT!