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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Phil has a clue

Meet Phil.  I don't know Phil, personally, but after watching this video of him I can tell you that, in short, Phil knows what's up.  

Here is a man who exudes the most kind and gentle energy.  This is the energy of the New Man, the Christed energy.  How often do you look into eyes like his?  He has an understanding of life and how to live it.  And without agenda, he offers the most simple of insights.  There is nothing fluffy here.  This is what an adult looks like with the purity of a newborn.  From the music to his words, how does Phil seem to know the simple, yet profound secrets of life?  Maybe its because Phil had a life, long before this one in Lemuria (mentions this at about 7 min in).   

I first learned of Lemuria when I visited Mt. Shasta, California several years ago.  While it typically plays second fiddle to Atlantis in legend status, the ancient civilization Lemuria was lost in a matter of moments due to a catastrophic event.  Most of the Lemurian people died and those that remained ascended to a higher dimension on earth and subsequently perpetuated their civilization at that higher dimension, within Mt. Shasta.  You can read about the Lemurian society as it exists now in the Telos books.
I've never met someone who knew they were from Lemuria but according to Phil, Lemuria was a lot like Maui!  I certainly resonate with the beautiful energy of Maui and all of Hawaii.  When I lived on the West Coast I visited as often as I could.  Perhaps feeling at home on Hawaii is a clue to our Lemurian Past.  Either way,  I believe Phil is a clue to our future. 

 Source: Bridge to Lemuria ~Finding your way home

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Unlikely Spiritual Proponent?

Dwight Schrute.  Rainn Wilson's character on The Office is anything but a spiritual guy.   His antics, schemes and crazy beet-loving self always made us laugh.  Knowing an actor's long-time character so well can make it hard for us to see them in a different light. 

When I came across this video of Wilson, I couldn't help but cheer.  It is so articulate and well said that there is not much to comment on except for me to say- YES!  I concur!  I think you are right on! 
About everything. 

Its always nice to hear a celebrity, someone we don't know opening up in an honest way about something that resonates personally.  And in this case it all resonated strongly with me.  There will be, there HAS to be a Spiritual Revolution.  For many of us it began a long time ago but the collective is now jumping on board. 

I had seen Wilson in another role that made this clip less of a leap from Dwight Schrute to what is said here.  The movie The Last Mimzy is a fun sci-fi family film with many excellent actors but it flew under the radar a bit.   It is not a little movie at all but in fact it reveals a huge amount of information (and warnings) about our potential as humans as well as in the realms of science and spirituality
In the movie Wilson plays a young boy's science teacher who has prophetic dreams and an intense, intuitive girlfriend.

I loved his character and certainly hope to see more of him in similar roles and movies, or just as himself talking about more things like this.  I learned his formative years were spent immersed in all sorts of religions and beliefs through his parents Baha'i faith.  With such a unique background maybe it's Dwight Schrute who is the bigger leap in character.

Source: Youtube