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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enter Leo!

Its officially the peak of Summer!  We can certainly feel the heat.  Can you also sense the energy?

Yesterday, July 22 was quite a day.  In the afternoon alone three major "natural" happenings occurred. 
~   After 2PM we were officially in the full-moon zone.  It was also one of three "supermoon's" this year. 
~  At 4:24PM an important child was born into the world: The Royal Baby. 
~  Shortly after the Royal Baby's arrival the Sun left the sign of Cancer for 2013 and officially moved into the sign of Leo.

My personal thoughts on this are since the moon rules emotions and affects water and it is closest to the earth at this time, we are in a period of intense emotions.  The full moon is juxtaposed with the entry of the Sun in the sign of Leo- the sign which is in fact ruled by the Sun!   This tells me there is much light coming forward.

I think the birth of a royal baby at this time is absolutely perfect.  What an amazing energy pattern to enter the world through.  There is always a lot of hope that comes with a new life and this one brings more than most.  As a potential leader of our time, we wonder will he fulfill our expectations? Will he continue to give us hope for a brighter future? What will become of this young Cancer man that is definitely not a Leo!

And what about dear Leo.  As a Leo sun sign I would like to know!  What does this sign bring this time around in 2013?  It seems to be a year of dreaming big.  Try new things, test the waters, see what you want next.  A year from now, Jupiter, the planet of Luck and Gifts moves into Leo.  So now is the time to take in the long view and see what you want to zoom in on!

I've always loved Henri Rousseau's painting The Sleeping Gypsy and I think it really illustrates the elements here.  A full moon, a Lion and a peacefully sleeping woman in the desert with all her necessities around her.   The Lion is inquisitive not aggressive and the earth is a cool, comfortable bed.  To me it says rest well, you are safe and protected

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Day before Tomorrow
Image courtesy Victor Habbick

July 8, 2013

Today is World Disclosure Day.  And its just the first one.

Like other things that have been made into a "Day," revisited each year on the calendar, this is no exception.  It will be revisited again next year and the next and the next. 

What is Disclosure?  In this case it refers to the sharing of the knowledge by the ruling bodies of this world, of the existence of extraterrestrials, which has been previously held back from our collective society.

No, this hasn't happened yet but by making a Day out of Disclosure, its kind of like kids saying- we're not waiting for our parents to tell us what they know, we're going to learn it on our own and tell all our friends!  

If you saw the google home page today the doodle honors the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident.  The doodle humorously illustrates the incident as a little colorless video of an alien that crash landed and then has an interactive feature that lets you help it put its' ship back together. 

But Roswell is just the tip of the iceberg.  Its what we know, what we've seen, what we've heard.  Much like the iceberg, there is an enormous amount of information hidden under the water.  Guess what? The ice has begun to melt.

A couple months ago we had the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure in Washington DC.  Amid little fanfare on the outside, 40 witnesses from all over the world offered testimony to a panel of former Congresspeople as to the existence of extraterrestrials on and around our planet.

I was lucky enough to attend some portions of this 5-day event, and I can say that it was beyond exciting.  There were witnesses from many countries of the highest calibur.   The hearing was open to the public and people seemed to come from near and far to attend although it was by no means over capacity.

At one point I found myself sitting next to a fellow and wondered what might have brought him there.  No sooner did I wonder this and following the next break, I saw him sitting on the panel.  He was witness Paul Hellyer, Canada's former minister of National Defense.  His testimony was most impressive and included readings from his book.   You can read his transcript here on The Daily Persimmon.

By the end of the week the panel of Congresspeople went from being curious to intrigued and finally amazed.  It was clear that the evidence was lengthy, detailed and undeniable.  

Remember Earth Day?  Back when it was just a baby Day and not that many people celebrated it.  Look at it now.  We've got all manner of schools, stores and other institutions participating, promoting and celebrating Mother Earth on April 22. 

Today, I invite you to imagine what the future of this day may hold.