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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two Degrees of Separation

     Last night my friend Lucy enjoyed a quiet moment under the stars on her back porch.  It was about 11PM and she wanted to see if the current meteor shower was at all visible since the night was so clear.   Oh, she got to see meteors alright- they were there and some left smoky trails.  She also got to see something else.   I was already jealous of the meteors since my own personal portion of the night sky is small and not usually very dark in my densely populated town.  But here is what followed:
    As she looked up at the stars she began studying them as you often do and wondering about the spaceships we both know are out there, and who might be hanging out up there.  She picked out what may have been a satellite and then monitored another "light", with a different and irregular path of motion.  Could it be what she thought it was?  She studied it more and finally as she focused on the light she tuned in to it and said if you are what I think you are, flash your lights.   Immediately after this the light grew very bright for a moment and then went dim again.  This was repeated and then happened a little bit later with another light.  Seeing this interaction was thrilling for her to say the least.  With it came a physical sensation or feeling of peace and love.   She felt the contact was undeniable to her, she had made a connection with whomever was flying out there in the night sky.
    I was so excited to hear her story but in a way I was not surprised.  I could now say I knew someone who had contact with an extraterrestrial (way more exciting than a celebrity to me).  Move over six-degrees of separation. How about two degrees between me and our Galactic friends.    Dr. Steven Greer calls this type of experience "CE 5" for Close Encounters of the 5th kind: Human-Initiated Contact.  He actually teaches people how to make this kind of contact and takes groups to remote locations in order to achieve it.
    My friend had no training however so you can see it could be easier than you think.  From what I have read, having a good attitude helps and letting go of fear.  I've heard of some cases where people ran away from such experiences despite their willingness to begin with.  It is too much for them to take in, apparently not prepared for the reality of the actual experience and what it brings up.
    For those that are in a place like Lucy, I think "the sky's the limit" literally!  Obviously there isn't much that separates us from our space brethren.
    This experience reminded me of another close-encounter of a different kind.   Amanda used to frequent her local large bookstore quite a bit.  She would go there when she needed some alone time to just look around, read and hang out.   After several visits she noticed there was a man who worked there that would appear just when she needed some help.  He always seemed to have the book she was looking for or was able to point her in the right direction.   Time and again this man would appear to help her, then disappear.   She sensed there was something different about him which began to nag at her and finally one day decided to take the conversation further. 
    The next time the man appeared she made sure they were alone.  "Who Are You?" she pointedly asked.   He answered that he was not from here, that he was from another planet and was here to help people.  This confirmed what she felt in her heart and understood his role and his capacity to help her find what she was looking for.  I'm sure there was some telepathy going on.  
    I think there are many folks like the bookstore guy passing through our lives on a daily basis.  In her book Earth Angels, Author Doreen Virtue calls them Star People.  They are incarnated extra-terrestrials, benign beings whose purpose is to help humanity in the many ways help is needed, many of them small and seemingly insignificant. 
    Whether you've already encountered a Star Person or a lightship among the stars, or you are one of the people that hopes for such an encounter, know that these are closer, and more frequent than you may realize.
Update: In the weeks that have passed since her experience, it has become apparent that what Lucy had was an Initiation.  She has had many dreams of making contact in different ways.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What should I REALLY be doing with my life?

Recently, one of my incredibly brilliant and intuitive friends had one of those days where she was more than a little bogged down in her very 3D world of motherhood, being a wife, running a household, and having an 8-to-5 job with a commute.  She is tired of the same-old, same-old and has indicated to the Universe that she's ready to do what she's supposed to do, if only she knew what that was.  The problem is she needs the income said job provides and is still very much needed by her two little ones.

Its a situation so many of us can relate to.  Why can't we wave that magic wand and be there in that next moment, doing the work we are passionate about, providing for our families and enjoying life!

I sympathized.  I have felt like she does so much of my life.  In the last few years, though something has changed.  I don't really feel that way now exactly, not like I used to but there are moments.  I'm going to say it has a lot to do with getting older and, dare I say, a wee bit wiser?

If I were to speak to most angst-ridden self of the past, the self that truly felt like I would never ever know, or do anything worthwhile, these would be a few things that I wished I would have known and trusted:

I don't think you are supposed to "know" what you're going or supposed to do just because you want to know.  I think some are blessed with knowing and appear to be on their path and it is so clear. That's not everyone though and its frustrating to the rest of us. Sometimes you are just meant to walk the path, and trust, without knowing where you are going.

Many authors speak about Lightworkers having a really restless sense of "I've got to do the thing I'm supposed to do, what is it? I need to know it NOW!"
You want to know, to make the restless feeling go away.  I believe the feeling comes from the fact that we actually DID come to earth to do something important at a really important time for the cosmos but our human egos think it has to have a 3D earthly constructed job title and be located in a building and that's what we keep looking for.  My sense is that our purpose is much simpler than that.

I don't believe your purpose and passion will always be a J-0-B or even involve a paycheck.   One of the things I do naturally is pass on information.  I meet people all the time and end up telling them about a book they might like, or even a recipe or a school they're trying to find. You could call me a Messenger but so far I haven't found a job posting for what I do. 

You're already doing IT
What I mean is, everything you do is meaningful.  If you are a Lightworker, or a conscious being, then just by you being here, alive on the planet is doing more good than you can see with your earth eyes.  I know that is not as fulfilling and satisfying as sinking your teeth into a purpose or career that really excites you but it is true.  There is no one thing that you were meant to do here, you were meant to do many things. 

Are you always kind to people?  Are you fond of animals?  Are you the natural counselor at your workplace? Do you live in a place where there is nobody like you?  Do you live in a place where everyone is like you? Do you cook awesome food for your family and friends?

I think all of these actions or states of being, when done naturally, not forced, are actually indications of "what you are supposed to be doing."  They usually organically will lead down more soul-fulfilling paths if they aren't already. 

As you get older, your purpose and passion WILL become more clear
It just happens when things in your life automatically fall away that were important before. Alternatively, different hobbies and skill sets may come together in a divinely perfect way that could not have happened earlier.  Imagine it as though you were solving a puzzle.

All of this occurs with the passage of time.  Only then can you look back and have a perspective and understand that all of that time you spent doing other things wasn't a waste.

EXPRession => PROFession
What is it you feel inclined to explore?  In what way do you wish to express yourself?  Those are  good places to start and even return to again and again as long as it takes.   Expressing yourself through your unique gifts and talents is a Divinely guided giving and receiving, and the one way you can be sure the shoe fits and you are doing what you "should" be doing.  Through this self-Expression, Profession is born.

When all else fails look to Nature
Every flower and plant has its' season.  Nature doesn't bud, bloom, change color, or pollinate all at once.  Could you imagine? That would be like a really loud and bad sounding orchestra.

If your flower hasn't bloomed yet, trust that it will at a divinely appointed moment.  The perfect time that was created just for you.